Through adulthood morals change. You mentally have list of things you will not compromise and things you will and will not do! I will never compromise myself for anyone( excepts my Kids, Those rules don't apply). But as I have gotten older the things I will and wont do have changed. When I was a snotty nosed teenager I would have never gave up a night out or the next best time for anyone period. I would never help out if I felt it was inconvenient for me. I would never put others first! You think to yourself .well that's how teenagers are. But that's not true. My children are very Generous and Kind( except to each other). They eat what is made for them and are appreciative od it. They help neighbors and friends in times of need. They are compassionate to people and situations around them. For that I am Proud.

But let's get back to the Moral of the Story. Even though you mature and Morals and attitude change there are always things that you need to stick to your guns about! It's amazing to change your level of compassion, and give up things for others , but make sure you never compromise yourself. At a mature 38, I have learned  I will drop anything for a friend in need and The Next party isn't a big deal, there is always another one,. But there are things that make me ,ME! I mean come on we all have something we aren't perfect, We are Human. So you sit on your Computer waiting, anticipating what it is that I will never change,that I will never compromise.....................................

   Well Fellow Humans, I have changed many of my ways in the last 25 years But I will Never Ever, I mean Never .............FOLD AND PAIR SOCKS!!!  I know , it's a biggie!! As long as I live and I have a few witnesses I will never ever waste my life on this chore. Never have Never Will!!!  I mean Come on, Its takes around 25 minutes each time. Lets say on an average for a household of 5 , you do it 2x a week. In turn which is 104x a year( providing we are not counting the disgusting crusty football socks you find in your trunk). So Based on an Average that you moved out at 22 and you live until 80, you are wasting  @ 3542 Hours of your Life . So next time you go to fold and pair socks, Think of something else to do that is for you and only you, and do it! Take a cat nap, a bath, Hell read my blog, but please don't fold socks!!!

Food For thought!!! Even though you grow as a person. Hold on to one thing even if it's quirky, that makes you , YOU!!!

P.S. I will never Eat Mushrooms either! Happy Tuesday!



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