6:15am Alarm goes off. Wait it's Saturday! As I get My Bearing the Dog hears me trips me up and down I go! Happy Saturday! I dash for my phone to check texts. My teenage boys are required to leave me a text so when I awake I know they are safe. All is Good. Ok I'll try to lay back down . Nope!! 50 things run through my head................

1. Why yesterday at Wal-Mart while in the freezing icy raining parking lot, do people insist on not letting pedestrians cross ?All while they are in their warm dry ass cars?

2. Toilet paper, Toothpaste, bodywash,chips,frozen pizza (College Sons Grocery list)

3. What am I going to wear to the Surprise party tonight?

4.Crap Monday my daughter has added another extra curricular to her list. (More chauffeuring)

Yes all that plus more running through my head. So random. Time to make the Coffee , This Momma is up for the Day!



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