Did you ever sit and think about a certain situation and say what if ? Well Sorry to tell ya sister(brother) but a "what If" is gone, over with, feneto, dead like the dinosaurs. What if's can drive you crazy and unfortunately will never change the situation.

I have gone on and on with what if's, we all have. What if I went to college straight out of high school? What if I moved to a different town rather than my present one? What if we stayed in our first house(and had a no mortgage). I am not going to lie I think of the Mortgage one all the time!!!!

But the thing is, based on laws of nature, that is if you had carried out your" what if's" it would leave you with a whole new list of "What if's". Who knows what that list would entail! So don't dwell on the past decisions but learn from them. Make a List of things you wish you had done and do them!! They might not be the exact situation, but have common variable.

I mean come on, if I thought of my" What if I didn't have  kids?", I wouldn't have massive gray hair because my college student broke his phone ( and I have no contact with him) or because my son who turned 16 yesterday (  just drove away to school). My Common Variable is a  Monthly Hair appointment at my Favorite Hair Salon. See Things work out!!!

Food For thought- Think of the Power you hold: Only you can change your Future!! But NOONE CAN CHANGE YOUR PAST!



01/15/2014 9:59pm

You are completely right about the what ifs, but they are certainly hard to let go of! Thank you for linking up to the Bloggers Brags Pinterest Party. I have pinned your post to the Bloggers Brags Pinterest Board.


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