Life as  I know it has returned. Starting Last night with my cranky tween daughter. Saturdays around here with everyone's events have to be planned down to the minute, From BBALL practice to a play, to a cast party, to a BBAll game to a 40th Birthday party, whew and it was only 5:30. Of course when it is my childrens plans I must jump and jump high to make sure they are content, but at 5:15 when it was my turn to get ready that's where meltdown mode played its part. As I mentioned there was a cast party, but we never made it there , Instead my over sensitive tween cried and whined about me going to my party. As I asked her calmly @100 times if she wanted me to stay home, she would say "No I want you to Go to your party" as tears streamed down her face. So I would start to get ready , and the crying would begin again. So I would repeat the same question."Do you want me to stay home?" same response. So after 25 minutes of this , needless to say my stress level was rising. I grabbed a Budlight Can ( yeah we have downgraded in this economy) and went to my bathroom to try to do something with my overgrown dirtydishwater blonde ,staticky,dry as hell hair. As I am attempting to beautify myself, mt daughter comes in with tears rolling down her face, and says (hands on hips) with the most whiny voice "So your Goiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing?" .I lost it. I said" I am not going!!!! and not because of you, but because this hair of Mine!!!( MY HAIR WAS STUCK TO MY FOREHEAD, ELECTRIFIED IN THE BACK AND HALF GREASY BECAUSE OF ALL THE MORROCAON OIL I PUT ON ) I mean I was a Crazed Honey pot, Let, me tell you. Long story short I went to the party after her friend arrived with the Slickest pony tail you have ever seen. Did I mention the party was at a Hair Salon? How is that for an ironic situation? Fast forward- Hubby is safely home, kids are happy and content. the sound of snoring, and kids laughter all night humbles me as I fall asleep!



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