Waking up and the list mentally starts in my head. Does it ever stop? Got my coffee brewed( after 35 Minutes) add Vinegar to my list. And then It Hits me!!! Tonight is the last day my baby boy is under my complete control.. Ughh Tonight we go to bed and wake up with a 16 year old. Where has time gone? Reminiscing of the horrible snow storm of Jan 14th 1998 that had visitors driving 4 hours to get 8 miles  to the Hospital. Memories of his naughtiness, make me giggle. My favorite is when he was 2 years old. I was taking care of a neighbor(who is still his best friend and turns 16 the following day) and all of a sudden I hear a blood curdling scream. As I run to the kitchen I see our neighbor baby crying and dripping with vegetable oil. Well you know this isn't going to end well., anyways as I run to the kitchen I hit a patch of oil and down I go , sliding across the kitchen like a slip and slide. All in the same moments that my son and his friend are sliding and trying to stand up. After 25 minutes of crying ,laughter and 5 lbs of salt the comedy was over. Well Not really next it was bath time. So many amazing memories of T-ball, soccer, Football,birthdays , his first dance, etc. I am so proud of him as my little trouble- maker has turned into a caring, smart, and humorous man.

So Back to the Dance Party!!!! Grab Your Coffee Turn up the Music !! It's Time For laundry, Bills, and washing Dishes.

Food For thought.....Everyday take a minute to reminisce a good moment in your life. Embrace the Bad Moments , because without these you would have nothing to compare the good ones!



01/13/2014 5:26pm

This could also be a hop. I really enjoyed your quirky sense of humor.

01/13/2014 8:25pm

Thanks for the reminder to treasure the moments--good and bad.


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