I don't know How it Happened But it is Friday! My House is a complete disaster , no projects on my to-do list have been completed , ughhhh! Maybe I have Been consumed by this amazing Blog I am Trying to set up. But To Sum  it up .. It's just Me.  Every few years I go thru a What am I worth?, Why Didn't I go to School? I need a career, what's My Future? I mean I have a Great Life, A Wonderful Hubby of 18 Years, 3 Amazing Kids , A Beautiful home, and an abundance of friends. Let's evaluate this. I have had jobs in numerous fields that I have Left. Why? Because I was Bored. I have started Numerous craft projects and haven't finished. Why ? Because I was Bored. I have Started tons of Mini Business and haven't followed thru. Why? Because I was Bored. So Hear I sit Writing this and really feel passionate. Is it because I can share my story and see if there are like minded wonderful women out there that share the same feelings? Sometime I feel Like I have Attention deficit , or am I just that lost I can't figure it out?  interruption....

Phone call From the Hubby From Florida. I'm Jealous he saw Styx in Concert  He was Back Stage with them in a 1000 person venue. Ok there goes my attention deficit .

But I guess My Point is this Blog , writing to all of you is my therapy. I hope people like me comment and share thier crazy days. If nothing else typing it out is the best therapy. Happy Friday



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    Its 8:12 Monday Morning, Last Child is Picked up!!! Hmmm What to Do? Crafts, Surf the Net, Plan our next vacation?. Who Cares! I got 5 Full days to do what I want!


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