As Sunday Night Approaches , The Snow and The Cold are a Force to be Reckoned With in the Midwest. My Children have Been Off Since Thursday Before Christmas. I am already Planning My Silent Cup of Salvation for the Morning. I might even treat myself to flavored Creamer. That's when it all Happened.. The House Phone Rings ( NO ONE CALLS THE HOUSE PHONE) , as I run what feel like slow motion I reach for the Phone to see the Caller ID. Oh No I think as I see the District call number...I answer. " This is to inform you because of Dangerous Weather Conditions School will be closed Monday.  As tears well up in my eye I repeat the Dreaded Words" Schools are closed tomorrow". No Biggie I got this I Think.

I finally get settled in bed (around 12:00) Until the Dreaded cry comes from the Hall. "Mom Hurry Up I puked all over my Room " As I roll out of bed, ( Oh I forgot to add that I Developed a Chest Cold , with a 102 fever within the short time Period) I trip over our dog and run to my daughters room to find 2 piles... Ughhhh No Biggie Momma of three I got this.

Monday is quiet Kids Sleep In, My chest cold worsens, its -44 outside. As Ice forms on the inside of all windows I Figure no Biggie I don't have to go anywhere. WRONG!!!! No School Because it's to Cold but My son has an impromptu Basketball practice.. Really? Flames are blowing From My ears. OH and I forgot to mention that my Oldest son will be returning to college and he cracked his rim on his car, So while I'm chauffeuring one son around, cleaning puke and hacking up a lung, My poor hubby Who Plowed for 36 hours Straight is out searching for a tire rim on a college student's budget ( its a VW.Ughh Foreign Cars parts are so Expensive.) Oh and Just remember it's -44 out.

1 Hour later things are getting better, Rim found, puking Complete, and practice cancelled. No Biggie I got this , School is back tomorrow, Whew! Ring Ring Ring..........Are you Kidding me? As I answer the Phone ,sweat starts forming on my brow ,as I see the district phone number. Yep No school Tuesday.

Tuesday is a blurr... Sweats, fever, Boogers ,snot, dirty Kleenex , But no biggie I got this because Wednesday not only do 2 out 3 kids are back at school ,my hubby leaved for Florida. I will have the whole house to my self( my college student sleeps until 3:00). Hmmm Paint the bar room, frame pictures, rearrange the family room, do a few craft projects..

Wednesday- 4:15 Finally got off couch took a shower to go to sons basketball game. 7:15 back in Pj's and on couch.Night!

Thursday- Repeat of Wednesday. Showered just to get on a new pair of PJ's. Oh and Blog This. Check back this weekend will be a busy one full of comedy I am sure.. Next week Ill be back to normal, the scatterbrain, half-a$$er project starter that I am ..



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