Entitlement can be frustrating to some when another person thinks they are better than others. But In my opinion everyone has things they are entitled to. If you work hard you are entitled to your pay check. If you respect others I believe you are entitled to respect back. But the One thing that I truly fell you are entitled to is a day of Self-pity. I am not saying everyday but here and there. I have had those weeks and even months that I feel sorry for my self. Just because your worst might be someone's else's best doesn't mean your not allowed a day of self pity. The only thing I recommend is turn that self pity into gratification.

Example, here is a facebook post I posted this past summer : Sept 5th 2013

Before I Complained out loud to my self today, that I had to PUSH mow an Acre Because the Rider Didn't start , and that I had to clean Dinner dishes from last night that the kids forgot to Wash, and had to clean the House for the 3rd time This week.. I thought I am one of the Luckiest people in the world Because.. When I woke up I was Strong and healthy enough to use my legs, and graced with amazing children, and lucky that my husband has a job not only to allow me to stay home but Provide food for us every night in the HOME that we are lucky enough to OWN because many would choose to complain about these things then to be with out!!!! Yep My Glass is HALF FULL! Happy Thursday!

Don't get me wrong If I can remember right I was a crazy banshee and probably had a cocktail or to by noon !

Food For Thought: Your worst might be what other people dream about to be there best!



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