Last night while perusing facebook, I saw a post that stated "153 days till summer", immediately I thought UGHHHHHH that's half a year away until sunny, warm weather. Nights that last until 9:00 and so on. ( living in the Midwest the lack of vitamin D in the winter months really wears on you) .

 Always Considering myself an optimist , I was disappointed to think that at that point my thoughts were so pessimistic , I was mad at myself. Why would I want to Wish away 153 days of my life just to get a little vitamin D? Why for any reason would I want to wish away any time of my life. Use the time you have either efficiently or leisurely but use it, don't wish it away!!! 

Finish your indoor projects that you would never even look at when you have that chance to be barefoot in your garden, or talking a nightly stroll around the neighborhood. Read a Great book on your kindle, cause we all know you can use that thing on a sunny day at the pool. Turn off the TV after dinner and play games with your family. Do whatever it is you have to do but do not waste any hour any day of your life! it's way to short. Who know what the next 153 days are going to bring you.

Food For thought: When Life Brings you snow.. Make Snow Ice Cream!!!



Place snow or shaved ice into a large bowl. Pour condensed milk over and add vanilla. Mix to combine. Serve immediately in bowls.ood For thought: When Life Brings you snow.. Make Snow Ice Cream!!!



02/05/2014 7:36am

Nice way to stay optimistic. thanks for sharing.


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    Its 8:12 Monday Morning, Last Child is Picked up!!! Hmmm What to Do? Crafts, Surf the Net, Plan our next vacation?. Who Cares! I got 5 Full days to do what I want!


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