Entitlement can be frustrating to some when another person thinks they are better than others. But In my opinion everyone has things they are entitled to. If you work hard you are entitled to your pay check. If you respect others I believe you are entitled to respect back. But the One thing that I truly fell you are entitled to is a day of Self-pity. I am not saying everyday but here and there. I have had those weeks and even months that I feel sorry for my self. Just because your worst might be someone's else's best doesn't mean your not allowed a day of self pity. The only thing I recommend is turn that self pity into gratification.

Example, here is a facebook post I posted this past summer : Sept 5th 2013

Before I Complained out loud to my self today, that I had to PUSH mow an Acre Because the Rider Didn't start , and that I had to clean Dinner dishes from last night that the kids forgot to Wash, and had to clean the House for the 3rd time This week.. I thought I am one of the Luckiest people in the world Because.. When I woke up I was Strong and healthy enough to use my legs, and graced with amazing children, and lucky that my husband has a job not only to allow me to stay home but Provide food for us every night in the HOME that we are lucky enough to OWN because many would choose to complain about these things then to be with out!!!! Yep My Glass is HALF FULL! Happy Thursday!

Don't get me wrong If I can remember right I was a crazy banshee and probably had a cocktail or to by noon !

Food For Thought: Your worst might be what other people dream about to be there best!


Last night while perusing facebook, I saw a post that stated "153 days till summer", immediately I thought UGHHHHHH that's half a year away until sunny, warm weather. Nights that last until 9:00 and so on. ( living in the Midwest the lack of vitamin D in the winter months really wears on you) .

 Always Considering myself an optimist , I was disappointed to think that at that point my thoughts were so pessimistic , I was mad at myself. Why would I want to Wish away 153 days of my life just to get a little vitamin D? Why for any reason would I want to wish away any time of my life. Use the time you have either efficiently or leisurely but use it, don't wish it away!!! 

Finish your indoor projects that you would never even look at when you have that chance to be barefoot in your garden, or talking a nightly stroll around the neighborhood. Read a Great book on your kindle, cause we all know you can use that thing on a sunny day at the pool. Turn off the TV after dinner and play games with your family. Do whatever it is you have to do but do not waste any hour any day of your life! it's way to short. Who know what the next 153 days are going to bring you.

Food For thought: When Life Brings you snow.. Make Snow Ice Cream!!!



Place snow or shaved ice into a large bowl. Pour condensed milk over and add vanilla. Mix to combine. Serve immediately in bowls.ood For thought: When Life Brings you snow.. Make Snow Ice Cream!!!

Did you ever sit and think about a certain situation and say what if ? Well Sorry to tell ya sister(brother) but a "what If" is gone, over with, feneto, dead like the dinosaurs. What if's can drive you crazy and unfortunately will never change the situation.

I have gone on and on with what if's, we all have. What if I went to college straight out of high school? What if I moved to a different town rather than my present one? What if we stayed in our first house(and had a no mortgage). I am not going to lie I think of the Mortgage one all the time!!!!

But the thing is, based on laws of nature, that is if you had carried out your" what if's" it would leave you with a whole new list of "What if's". Who knows what that list would entail! So don't dwell on the past decisions but learn from them. Make a List of things you wish you had done and do them!! They might not be the exact situation, but have common variable.

I mean come on, if I thought of my" What if I didn't have  kids?", I wouldn't have massive gray hair because my college student broke his phone ( and I have no contact with him) or because my son who turned 16 yesterday (  just drove away to school). My Common Variable is a  Monthly Hair appointment at my Favorite Hair Salon. See Things work out!!!

Food For thought- Think of the Power you hold: Only you can change your Future!! But NOONE CAN CHANGE YOUR PAST!

Through adulthood morals change. You mentally have list of things you will not compromise and things you will and will not do! I will never compromise myself for anyone( excepts my Kids, Those rules don't apply). But as I have gotten older the things I will and wont do have changed. When I was a snotty nosed teenager I would have never gave up a night out or the next best time for anyone period. I would never help out if I felt it was inconvenient for me. I would never put others first! You think to yourself .well that's how teenagers are. But that's not true. My children are very Generous and Kind( except to each other). They eat what is made for them and are appreciative od it. They help neighbors and friends in times of need. They are compassionate to people and situations around them. For that I am Proud.

But let's get back to the Moral of the Story. Even though you mature and Morals and attitude change there are always things that you need to stick to your guns about! It's amazing to change your level of compassion, and give up things for others , but make sure you never compromise yourself. At a mature 38, I have learned  I will drop anything for a friend in need and The Next party isn't a big deal, there is always another one,. But there are things that make me ,ME! I mean come on we all have something we aren't perfect, We are Human. So you sit on your Computer waiting, anticipating what it is that I will never change,that I will never compromise.....................................

   Well Fellow Humans, I have changed many of my ways in the last 25 years But I will Never Ever, I mean Never .............FOLD AND PAIR SOCKS!!!  I know , it's a biggie!! As long as I live and I have a few witnesses I will never ever waste my life on this chore. Never have Never Will!!!  I mean Come on, Its takes around 25 minutes each time. Lets say on an average for a household of 5 , you do it 2x a week. In turn which is 104x a year( providing we are not counting the disgusting crusty football socks you find in your trunk). So Based on an Average that you moved out at 22 and you live until 80, you are wasting  @ 3542 Hours of your Life . So next time you go to fold and pair socks, Think of something else to do that is for you and only you, and do it! Take a cat nap, a bath, Hell read my blog, but please don't fold socks!!!

Food For thought!!! Even though you grow as a person. Hold on to one thing even if it's quirky, that makes you , YOU!!!

P.S. I will never Eat Mushrooms either! Happy Tuesday!

Waking up and the list mentally starts in my head. Does it ever stop? Got my coffee brewed( after 35 Minutes) add Vinegar to my list. And then It Hits me!!! Tonight is the last day my baby boy is under my complete control.. Ughh Tonight we go to bed and wake up with a 16 year old. Where has time gone? Reminiscing of the horrible snow storm of Jan 14th 1998 that had visitors driving 4 hours to get 8 miles  to the Hospital. Memories of his naughtiness, make me giggle. My favorite is when he was 2 years old. I was taking care of a neighbor(who is still his best friend and turns 16 the following day) and all of a sudden I hear a blood curdling scream. As I run to the kitchen I see our neighbor baby crying and dripping with vegetable oil. Well you know this isn't going to end well., anyways as I run to the kitchen I hit a patch of oil and down I go , sliding across the kitchen like a slip and slide. All in the same moments that my son and his friend are sliding and trying to stand up. After 25 minutes of crying ,laughter and 5 lbs of salt the comedy was over. Well Not really next it was bath time. So many amazing memories of T-ball, soccer, Football,birthdays , his first dance, etc. I am so proud of him as my little trouble- maker has turned into a caring, smart, and humorous man.

So Back to the Dance Party!!!! Grab Your Coffee Turn up the Music !! It's Time For laundry, Bills, and washing Dishes.

Food For thought.....Everyday take a minute to reminisce a good moment in your life. Embrace the Bad Moments , because without these you would have nothing to compare the good ones!


Life as  I know it has returned. Starting Last night with my cranky tween daughter. Saturdays around here with everyone's events have to be planned down to the minute, From BBALL practice to a play, to a cast party, to a BBAll game to a 40th Birthday party, whew and it was only 5:30. Of course when it is my childrens plans I must jump and jump high to make sure they are content, but at 5:15 when it was my turn to get ready that's where meltdown mode played its part. As I mentioned there was a cast party, but we never made it there , Instead my over sensitive tween cried and whined about me going to my party. As I asked her calmly @100 times if she wanted me to stay home, she would say "No I want you to Go to your party" as tears streamed down her face. So I would start to get ready , and the crying would begin again. So I would repeat the same question."Do you want me to stay home?" same response. So after 25 minutes of this , needless to say my stress level was rising. I grabbed a Budlight Can ( yeah we have downgraded in this economy) and went to my bathroom to try to do something with my overgrown dirtydishwater blonde ,staticky,dry as hell hair. As I am attempting to beautify myself, mt daughter comes in with tears rolling down her face, and says (hands on hips) with the most whiny voice "So your Goiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing?" .I lost it. I said" I am not going!!!! and not because of you, but because this hair of Mine!!!( MY HAIR WAS STUCK TO MY FOREHEAD, ELECTRIFIED IN THE BACK AND HALF GREASY BECAUSE OF ALL THE MORROCAON OIL I PUT ON ) I mean I was a Crazed Honey pot, Let, me tell you. Long story short I went to the party after her friend arrived with the Slickest pony tail you have ever seen. Did I mention the party was at a Hair Salon? How is that for an ironic situation? Fast forward- Hubby is safely home, kids are happy and content. the sound of snoring, and kids laughter all night humbles me as I fall asleep!

6:15am Alarm goes off. Wait it's Saturday! As I get My Bearing the Dog hears me trips me up and down I go! Happy Saturday! I dash for my phone to check texts. My teenage boys are required to leave me a text so when I awake I know they are safe. All is Good. Ok I'll try to lay back down . Nope!! 50 things run through my head................

1. Why yesterday at Wal-Mart while in the freezing icy raining parking lot, do people insist on not letting pedestrians cross ?All while they are in their warm dry ass cars?

2. Toilet paper, Toothpaste, bodywash,chips,frozen pizza (College Sons Grocery list)

3. What am I going to wear to the Surprise party tonight?

4.Crap Monday my daughter has added another extra curricular to her list. (More chauffeuring)

Yes all that plus more running through my head. So random. Time to make the Coffee , This Momma is up for the Day!

I don't know How it Happened But it is Friday! My House is a complete disaster , no projects on my to-do list have been completed , ughhhh! Maybe I have Been consumed by this amazing Blog I am Trying to set up. But To Sum  it up .. It's just Me.  Every few years I go thru a What am I worth?, Why Didn't I go to School? I need a career, what's My Future? I mean I have a Great Life, A Wonderful Hubby of 18 Years, 3 Amazing Kids , A Beautiful home, and an abundance of friends. Let's evaluate this. I have had jobs in numerous fields that I have Left. Why? Because I was Bored. I have started Numerous craft projects and haven't finished. Why ? Because I was Bored. I have Started tons of Mini Business and haven't followed thru. Why? Because I was Bored. So Hear I sit Writing this and really feel passionate. Is it because I can share my story and see if there are like minded wonderful women out there that share the same feelings? Sometime I feel Like I have Attention deficit , or am I just that lost I can't figure it out?  interruption....

Phone call From the Hubby From Florida. I'm Jealous he saw Styx in Concert  He was Back Stage with them in a 1000 person venue. Ok there goes my attention deficit .

But I guess My Point is this Blog , writing to all of you is my therapy. I hope people like me comment and share thier crazy days. If nothing else typing it out is the best therapy. Happy Friday

As Sunday Night Approaches , The Snow and The Cold are a Force to be Reckoned With in the Midwest. My Children have Been Off Since Thursday Before Christmas. I am already Planning My Silent Cup of Salvation for the Morning. I might even treat myself to flavored Creamer. That's when it all Happened.. The House Phone Rings ( NO ONE CALLS THE HOUSE PHONE) , as I run what feel like slow motion I reach for the Phone to see the Caller ID. Oh No I think as I see the District call number...I answer. " This is to inform you because of Dangerous Weather Conditions School will be closed Monday.  As tears well up in my eye I repeat the Dreaded Words" Schools are closed tomorrow". No Biggie I got this I Think.

I finally get settled in bed (around 12:00) Until the Dreaded cry comes from the Hall. "Mom Hurry Up I puked all over my Room " As I roll out of bed, ( Oh I forgot to add that I Developed a Chest Cold , with a 102 fever within the short time Period) I trip over our dog and run to my daughters room to find 2 piles... Ughhhh No Biggie Momma of three I got this.

Monday is quiet Kids Sleep In, My chest cold worsens, its -44 outside. As Ice forms on the inside of all windows I Figure no Biggie I don't have to go anywhere. WRONG!!!! No School Because it's to Cold but My son has an impromptu Basketball practice.. Really? Flames are blowing From My ears. OH and I forgot to mention that my Oldest son will be returning to college and he cracked his rim on his car, So while I'm chauffeuring one son around, cleaning puke and hacking up a lung, My poor hubby Who Plowed for 36 hours Straight is out searching for a tire rim on a college student's budget ( its a VW.Ughh Foreign Cars parts are so Expensive.) Oh and Just remember it's -44 out.

1 Hour later things are getting better, Rim found, puking Complete, and practice cancelled. No Biggie I got this , School is back tomorrow, Whew! Ring Ring Ring..........Are you Kidding me? As I answer the Phone ,sweat starts forming on my brow ,as I see the district phone number. Yep No school Tuesday.

Tuesday is a blurr... Sweats, fever, Boogers ,snot, dirty Kleenex , But no biggie I got this because Wednesday not only do 2 out 3 kids are back at school ,my hubby leaved for Florida. I will have the whole house to my self( my college student sleeps until 3:00). Hmmm Paint the bar room, frame pictures, rearrange the family room, do a few craft projects..

Wednesday- 4:15 Finally got off couch took a shower to go to sons basketball game. 7:15 back in Pj's and on couch.Night!

Thursday- Repeat of Wednesday. Showered just to get on a new pair of PJ's. Oh and Blog This. Check back this weekend will be a busy one full of comedy I am sure.. Next week Ill be back to normal, the scatterbrain, half-a$$er project starter that I am ..


    Momma Of 3

    Its 8:12 Monday Morning, Last Child is Picked up!!! Hmmm What to Do? Crafts, Surf the Net, Plan our next vacation?. Who Cares! I got 5 Full days to do what I want!


    January 2014



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